More Sales Scams to Avoid When Buying Your Car


I have shown you the most popular, but let us look at a few more. 1. Written contract scam: This is basically when the finance manager sits you down and begins to write himself into

Dealership Scams


Car Dealers have numerous ways to scam a potential buyer. Let us examine a few of them so you understand what to look out for when making your next car purchase: The VIN# Window Etching

Customizing Your Car: Pinstriping Basics


Did you know pinstriping has a long history? Before the invention of automobiles, pinstriping was used as an ornamental decoration for horse and buggy carriages. Custom pinstripes started appearing on cars in the mid-1950s. Although

Preparing Your Vehicle for the Summer


Car trouble in your summer holiday is more than only a repair bill. It can mean towing fees, accommodations and a rental car. When you consider the price of additional phone calls, meals and general

Keys to Your Vehicle


Automobile safety has changed dramatically in the past several decades. We’ve gone from the era when there were only 2000+ key combinations used for each and every car of the largest automobile manufacturer, to transponder

Storing Your Car – How to Do it Right


So you finally have the car of your dreams. You’ve sunk a massive amount of time and money into restoring it and keeping it in pristine showroom condition and functioning easily. But wait a minute-

Synthetic or Conventional Oil


One central argument between car enthusiasts and on Internet car forums alike is what oil is better for your car, synthetic or conventional. Before synthetic oils became available for regular automobiles, the argument centered solely

Cleaning the Rims on Your Car


You might have noticed that cleaning rims on cars can be quite tough, but not with your Ex-Cell pressure washer. Cleaning rims on your vehicle is no more a challenge your pressure washer will shine



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