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Radar Detectors - Is It Worth The Risk?

Posted on October 12, 2023 by Gregory Campbell

Radar detectors are employed by a lot of people as protection devices from speeding. Some states find radar detectors illegal, if you are caught with one, you might be fined, prosecuted, or both. This is along with any speeding ticket you obtain. Be reminded that speeding is illegal and dangerous. Actually, speeding might not even be worthwhile. Police departments and agencies are are more and more built with their very own speed detection radars that can't be read by radar detectors.

HOW CAN They Work?

Radar can be described as electromagnetic or radio waves traveling through the air. As the waves hit an object, they will bounce back to that which transmitted it. It will then have the ability to detect how far away the object is. The detectors pick up the radio signals sent by the police's radar device, and then alert you you are being tracked. This gives you ample time to adjust your speed. Radar detectors are the most accurate when your car is not being directly targeted. Radar detectors do not work if the police officer has a radar gun and is driving directly behind you, or if the radar gun is pointed directly at your car from the front. In these situations, radar detectors will not be able to pick up the waves being sent by the police, so the detectors are not efficient.

Recent Advancements

There are new features you can purchase in radar detectors. One feature is called the jamming technique. Jamming the signal is accomplished when the radio signal is picked up by the detector. It will alert you, but also sends back the radio signal to where it came from as a mixed signal. This prevents your speed waves to be read by the police radar gun. Both regular citizens have the option to buy a jamming feature on their detector, but you should know the police have the ability to jam your signal, too.

Lidar guns are the radar guns police use to get around the traditional detector. The guns use laser technology, which is extremely accurate. The lidar guns work by sending out laser signals that bounce off the car and return to the game. The gun can take several measurements in a matter of seconds then averages the measurements to discover how fast the car is moving. Regular radar detectors don't even know the lidar guns are out there. The guns are harder to detect with the laser detection. Radar detectors will become a lot more obsolete as the police turn to lidar guns.

Technology will continue to improve, and you will have newer and smarter devices created to thwart the police in their duties to protect the people and keep the highway safe. There will also inevitably be new devices for the police to use in blocking the radars and catching those who speed. Make the wise, safe, and smart choice with regards to speeding.