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Cleaning the Rims on Your Car

Posted on October 15, 2021 by Gregory Campbell

You might have noticed that cleaning rims on cars can be quite tough, but not with your Ex-Cell pressure washer. Cleaning rims on your vehicle is no more a challenge your pressure washer will shine in receiving the challenging stains of brake dust and dirt out of your rims. If you don't own a home pressure washer nonetheless, we advocate the Home Depot; Ex-Cell Pressure Washer.

To wash your rims really well you might wish to buy a rim cleaner, there are lots of brands at auto supply businesses and discount department stores. It only requires a small amount of product to clean rims with your Ex-Cell device and you'll be astounded at the results.

Follow this simple step by step procedure. First Step back about two feet and a little off to the side of the rim then Rinse the rim in close range, about 8 inches off while trying to spray from the cracks and from several angles. Spray the rim in circular movement following the outside side of the rim and then wash the scooter too, particularly if you've got white walls. Set the wand down and spray on the Rim Cleaner onto the tire and white walls, then rinse the white wall this time out of 5 inches off, but return. Hold the pressure washer wand and tip and stick to the white wall around the tire. Next spray the rim with Rim Cleaner liberally and let ten minutes to pass then rinse the rim at about 8 inches off with the Ex-Cell Pressure Washer. Always clean the rims and after you're done with the whole car rinse the rims gradually from a distance and dry.